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We pressure impregnate only slow-grown pine from the north of Sweden. It is NTR (The Nordic Wood Protection Council) marked, which vouches for the highest quality.

SP certification

Wood Support’s production process is certified by the National Testing Centre in Borås, Sweden. Statens Provningsanstalt.

When choosing material, consider the following:

Impregnated timber

  • Always choose NTR-marked wood. It vouches for high quality.
  • Any special requirements should be stated when the order is placed: see Timber Range.
  • Further processing of impregnated timber should be avoided. If the timber has to be cut, the sawn face should be coated with a suitable wood preservative.
  • State the degree of moisture that is acceptable on delivery.
  • Impregnated timber does not need anti-rot treatment. However, it can be coated with wood oil to counteract the formation of cracks and to make the surface look attractive.
  • The surface of timber impregnated with a water-based wood preservative can be treated (with paint, glaze, etc.) in the same way as unimpregnated timber. Maintenance is not normally required, unless there are particular aesthetical considerations.
  • Waste is handled according to the regulations laid down by the local environmental department. Waste may be burnt in approved plants only.    
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