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This is Wood Support AB

Business concept

Supplying the Scandinavian market with added-value timber. Our production unit in Säffle, Sweden, allows us to create new business opportunities for our customers and solve the problems of our suppliers. Wood Support AB has sales of approx. 50,000 m3, primarily in the Scandinavian market.


The main areas of sales are:

  • Treated timber for construction

  • Planed timber for construction

  • Sawn timber for pallets industry

  • Sawn timber for joinery


From wholesaler to producer  

Jarmo Säily founded the company in 2000, and it operated as a trading company. Hans Westermark bought 50% of the business in 2003 and the company was then driven as a wholesale company until March 2008, when Wood Support AB acquired Lindverken AB, a planing mill and impregnation plant. The company now has a total of 10 employees. Today, Wood Support is a modern trading company with its own production unit in Säffle, Sweden, which vouches for quality every step of the way.

Raw material - Pine 

The timber used in the impregnation plant comes from highly reputable pine districts in northern Sweden. Over 30 suppliers deliver the 50,000 m3 of raw material that Wood Support uses annually.

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